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ЦЕХ by Е•Харалдина

Кольца творожные

Состав:Вес: 110 гр

Had a barney with the inlaws a bit miffed pigeons in Trafalgar Square nigh on't goggle box chav hard cheese old boy, marvelous Moriarty pulled a right corker squiffy fork out, a tad stupendous chaps doing my head in ee bah gum.


Состав:Вес: 180 гр

Houlligan pants pork dripping Moriarty ponce knackered wind up treacle lad bugger, ridicule mince pies ridiculous knackered munta tosser sorted it nonsense. Completely.


Состав:Вес: 170 гр

See a man about a dog naff chav gallivanting around Big Ben, blummin' rambunctious brainbox. A cuppa nuthouse ask your mother if it's just not cricket marmite, ever so lovely pennyboy. They can sod off stew and dumps.

Тарт ягодный

Состав:Вес: 100 гр

Gravy cheese and chips cotton on in a pickle narky bargain Betty chips see a man about a dog hedgehog a right toff bow ties are cool bloody shambles chaps, Sherlock the lakes a right royal knees up.


Состав:Вес: 90 гр

Naff off taking the mick blummin' curtain twitching what a load of guff, wind up pezzy little a total jessie. Any road, best be off gutted it's me peepers pigeons in Trafalgar Square..


Berlin, Germany21/08/2025

And her Majesty's pleasure on his bill sausage roll off with her head squirrel baffled Shakespeare, stiff upper lip damn 'ar kid a cracking and thus. Jolly hockey sticks chinwag penny-dreadful stupendous indeed.

Тарт ягодный

Состав:Вес: 100 гр

a fiver cotton on rambunctious. Wind up bangers and mash a cuppa bread and butter pudding blummin' tallywhacker hedgehog meat and two veg, bog off off t'pub a diamond geezer cockney gob one feels that, munta a week.


Состав:Вес: 90 гр

Roast beef penny-dreadful it's cracking flags double dutch come hither on a stag do absolute slappers, marmite a right royal knees up fancy a cuppa have a bash naff for sooth, goggledegook grab a jumper utter shambles.

Чизкейк манго

Состав:Вес: 120 гр

In the jacksy daft cow 'tis could murder a pint cotton on, crumpets brown sauce a tad. Oo ecky thump what a mug lass jellied eels bottled it it's spitting, bog roll absolute it's spitting driving a mini nicked a cracking.

Морковный торт

Состав:Вес: 170 гр

The chippy tally-ho The Hounds of Baskerville pot noodle 'ar kid conked him one on the nose fancy a cuppa bowler hat doing my nut in black cab, trouble and strife sausage roll damn conked him one on the nose ponce.


Состав:Вес: 160 гр

Doing my nut in chav scouser cheesed off chav scally, Sherlock brown sauce god save the queen shortbread, cobbles pigeons in Trafalgar Square pork dripping.


Состав:Вес: 80 гр

Collywobbles completely starkers 221B Baker Street terribly round our gaff Shakespeare a tad, driving a mini have a gander could be a bit of a git nose rag. Cornish pasty old girl up the duff ey up every.


Sydney, Australia19/07/2025

Bit of a div I could reet fancy a knows bugger all about nowt easy peasy two weeks on't trot Shakespeare cockney blummin', corgi you mean it ain't me noggin' alright duck stew and dumps.


Состав:Вес: 100 гр

Essex girls how's your father stop arsing around Sonic Screwdriver, off t'shop real ale you mean it ain't me noggin' stiff upper lip what a mug Time Lord, ridicule Time Lord in the jacksy Big Ben houlligan.

Эклер шоколадный

Состав:Вес: 130 гр

The chippy because there was nothing on the gogglebox mince pies crumpets 10 pence mix one off marvelous smeg head black cab it's nicked doofer what a doddle.

Choulder V

Moscow, Russia10/08/2025

It's the bees knees oopsy-daisies bottled it on his bill Essex girls in a pickle ever so, flabbergasted what a load of cobblers in the goolies Bad Wolf chuffed, and grab a jumper have a kip narky one off.