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Достижения наших учеников
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Creation of breakthrough technologies in the field of training simulators
About us
We are — it is an immersive technology startup. We create solutions based on virtual and augmented reality technologies for heavy and light industry, army, as well as solutions for civilian use.
We not only create solutions and provide technical support, but also help our clients with consulting and strategic planning in the field of immersive technologies.
Our services
Areas of use
At the moment, virtual reality technologies are widely used in various fields of human activity: engineering and design, mining, military technology, construction, simulators and simulators, marketing and advertising, entertainment industry.
Simulation of the production line and working out the sequence of actions

Development of standard procedures and emergency scenarios

Training for beginners - navigation through zones and rooms
VR-complex creates an environment as close as possible to combat, which allows you to prepare for the upcoming operational combat operations anywhere in the world

Simulators of shooting from any types of weapons

Simulators for training assault units
Visualization of apartments

Ability to move freely

Interaction with the environment to create the desired interior

Visualization of any objects and areas, from a room to the whole city
Military-industrial complex
Real estate development
Game content in the field of VR

Amusement parks

Ability to have a real experience of visiting any place without physically moving

Ability to create a wide information field, from textual information to video materials
Various training programs

Historical projects with virtual immersion in the era

Teaching students using virtual simulators
Ability to interact with the virtual environment, such as online shopping or booking

Creation of AR navigation
Entertainment sphere
Would U gonna fly to the Mars? Why not!
Would U gonna fly to the Mars? Why not!
Would U gonna fly to the Mars? Why not!
Would U gonna fly to the Mars? Why not!
Would U gonna fly to the Mars? Why not!
Would U gonna fly to the Mars? Why not!
Our team
Apricot employees are highly qualified specialists in the field of immersive technologies with many years of experience and a large portfolio of completed projects in various industries, military industry, industry of education and in entertainment.
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2/1 Svobody str,
Moscow, 125364, Russia
2/1 Svobody str,
Moscow, 125364, Russia